Project Flashlight can provide spectacular interactive illumination for your event.

AN/TVS-3 20kW Searchlights

The AN/TVS-3 20kW searchlights are the most powerful lights ever made.
4 interactive automated searchlights are available, configured on 2 flatbed trailers each with a diesel generator.
Each searchlight can be wheeled off the trailer on 25′ of cable.
Participants interact using tablets we provide for an unexpected engaging experience, controlling the lights and moving 900lbs of light with a finger on the screen.

4 additional manually operated searchlights are available. These can be powered from the generators on the trailer or by separate generators. Each has a 50′ cable. Manually operated lights can also activate all kinds of prisms and effects.

SEL-10 10kW Spotlights

We also have 6 SEL-10 10kW spotlights, mounted on 2 trailers:

  • Massive illumination at a distance, last used at Cape Canaveral
  • 60Hz power (3-phase 208V) 100 amps per phase for 3 lights
  • Outdoor rated stainless steel for long-term installation
  • Manually operated (DMX automation is a possible option)


Project Flashlight equipment is located in San Francisco and Marin CA.
For nearby events the trailers can be towed to your location.
For distant events the trailers can transported on a freight flatbed.

Get Illuminated!

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